By Elliott Wenzler

Lemon Laine, a Nashville-based beauty store, will open its second location in Houston this fall, complete with the curated products, personalized oil bar and specialized events that they have in their Tennessee location.

Laura Lemon, founder and CEO of the store, opened the shop as a place for women to find needs that are specific to them and feel comfortable while doing it, she said. She also has prioritized finding products that are natural and even has a natural beauty chemist as an adviser to help her make choices on these products.

Before opening the East Nashville store, Lemon worked 10 years in the beauty industry, advising Gwyneth Paltrow for Goop and working in marketing and sales for the natural skincare line Yes To, according to a press release from the store.

“(Natural beauty products are) I believe, where the industry is going,” she said.

One thing that makes the shop unique is the facial oil bar where staff consults shoppers on what oil they need based on their lifestyle and goals, Lemon said.

“We keep your recipe on file, we keep you skin profile on file so that if you ever come back, we can remake the formulation or talk to you about other products in the store,” she said.

Lemon opened her first location in May 2017 in part because she had struggled with health and skin issues in the past and wanted to create a space for dialogue about lifestyles and overall health, she said.

“I felt like my own stories and issues that I’ve struggled with, so much of it was internal and wellness habits,” she said. “A holistic point of view was, to me, something that needed to be offered that wasn’t currently.”

The store will also offer community-building and educational speaking events. Speakers from the community who are experts on different topics will host panels on things like health, beauty and wellness.

“We just try to create the atmosphere of continuing learning and curiosity because I think a lot of these products spark that for people on their own journey and we want to have an open door for people to find their own journey,” Lemon said.

Lemon, who was born in Austin, thought Houston was the perfect spot for her second location because it feels like a small-town in some parts and because of how friendly the people are, she said.

“I have Texas roots and I’ve always thought about the idea if we did expand, going back to my roots a little bit,” Lemon said.

They will open up the shop in the Heights Mercantile neighborhood, which “mimics a lot of East Nashville,” Lemon said.

Like the Nashville store, the Houston location will organize products by use and function instead of brand, according to the release. The store will also have the same bright colors as the Nashville location, she said. Lemon designed the Nashville store and will do the same in Texas.

“A big part for me was to just make it feel like a home and it was approachable and comfortable and make it fun and not so serious,” she said.

Lemon is also working with Houston architects for the new location and will incorporate local elements to make the store its own, she said.

The store, which will be 1,000 square feet, opens Saturday, November 3.