Home decor changes in the light of Covid

With the 2020 school year starting for many at home, transforming living spaces into learning spaces is top of mind for most Middle Tennessee families.

One way to make a big impact right away is with a fresh coat of paint, like the gentle ECOS Paints, an eco-friendly option that is odor and toxic free. Changing the paint color of an at-home work space enables parents to create an inspiring, healthy at-home classroom. And when you do double duty by using one of their dozens of non-toxic chalkboard paint options, you suddenly have transformed a space to meet today’s new needs.

According to a study in The Journal of Experimental Child Psychology looking at the relationship between the classroom environment and students’ ability to pay attention, many factors come into play – including wall color. The study recommends a bright, single accent wall paired with neutral walls. For example, bold primary colors promote playfulness and positivity, which is ideal for preschool and elementary environments, while cool and warm colors are ideal for middle and high schoolers to promote concentration and relieve anxiety.