Introducing an art collection into a freshly decorated room can be an intimidating process. However, it doesn’t have to be according to Evin Dransfield with Belle Meade Framers. The Nashville frame shop offers one of the area’s largest inventories and in-house design consultation. Introducing existing art into a new or redeveloped space can be a great time to reframe a collection. Reframing can help introduce new architectural elements and complement or contrast with the larger space. Framing is a way to bring cohesion and visual satisfaction to disparate items or those from various points in history or styles. New frames can also offer a new perspective on already beloved pieces, salvaging them from the dreaded word ‘dated.’

Belle Meade Framers offers more than 6,000 sample moldings and choices of traditional, contemporary and museum quality materials. The owner says customers can get a little overwhelmed. “So, we start with the art and begin identifying those options that make the piece shine and learn more about the context of the larger space,” says Evin. We assure our designers and clients that we can make whatever they envision work well. He notes it is often easier to determine what a client doesn’t like. As they pull samples they can gauge reactions. “Often by the process of elimination we arrive at a good choice,” he says.

The frame shop often works with eateries and hotels from boutique scale to large franchises, but homeowners are a fun challenge. “So many people don’t realize all the things we can do with framing materials and how we can totally change the look of a piece through matting and sizing,” he says.

Belle Meade also specializes in large or unusual item including jerseys, concert memorabilia and t-shirts, musical instruments, vintage clothing and more. No artifacts are off-limits. We do not merely frame prints or paintings, but we can help find solutions. “We can help elevate and protect whatever a client holds dear.”

Beyond reframing an art collection, Belle Meade Framers encourages homeowners to consider using their skills to create an architectural headboard frame for a bed, a French-memo board with fabric and ribbon, or a custom trimmed chalkboard that can hold inspiring notes or familly communication. “Our headboards are particularly beautiful,” Dransfield says. “They hang behind the bed like a piece of artwork.”

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