Photography by Austin Gros

In some ways Sarah Bartholomew still can’t believe that iconic home décor company Pottery Barn called her to do a collaboration. But on July 26 the actualization of that surreal moment came to fruition with the launch of the Sarah Bartholomew for Pottery Barn Collection.

“It was an honor to be asked to collaborate with such a time-honored, all-American brand, and I was just super excited,” Bartholomew says. “We want to bring something to the table that’s fresh, but still is going to stand the test of time. And I think Pottery Barn does that.”

Pottery Barn asked Bartholomew to focus specifically on the entryway, so she brought her new traditional sensibility to that space with a wide variety of pieces that address everything from a more formal entryway that stays pristine to a working entryway where the keys get dropped and the kids stash their sports gear.

“So we kind of brought a bunch of pieces of both the hard working and the formal entry to Pottery Barn and they helped us narrow it down to a really beautiful capsule collection that was the best of all our ideas,” she says.

On Thursday, July 26, Pottery Barn held an intimate dinner at Henrietta Red to celebrate the launch of that capsule collection with an evening of cocktails, dinner and design. The collaboration was on display during the evening, showing off Bartholomew’s signature Southern spin on the chic and functional collection, complete with all of the essentials needed to create the perfect entryway in any home.

It was a big week for Bartholomew in another way too because she also opened her new Green Hills shop, SB by Sarah Bartholomew. A brick-and-mortar extension of her offices and studio, she can pop in and be creative within the store setting, but then seamlessly go back to her designs whenever the mood strikes.

“I think people in Nashville and beyond love the experience of going into a shop,” she says. “It’s a very small space, but I think in a world that’s so digital, to go in and touch and feel, it’s just an experience. And it’s beautiful – there’s unique things that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s not just what has been collected at market, but things that I use in my own projects.”

Bartholomew’s love of the past plays a huge part in her current design aesthetic, and she uses historical references in her traditional spin on modern design, curating charming and harmonious interiors that have amassed her the kind of following that drew Pottery Barn to her in the first place.

“It’s just thinking through what lasts and looking at what lasts and looking at the beauty that lasts,” she says.

About the collection

With more than 15 pieces in the capsule, the Sarah Bartholomew for Pottery Barn Collection is available now, exclusively at, and ranges in price from$12.50-$599. The collection includes furniture, decorative accessories, shelving, and storage pieces.

SBxPB collaboration launch event