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Tennessee Craft Fair at Centennial Park
May 6-8, 2016
Centennial Park, Nashville


Tennessee Craft is fine craft. Enjoy the 45th Annual Spring Tennessee Craft Fair on Mother’s Day weekend, May 6-8, 2016.

This three-day event invites you to find the next beautiful art object made by a Tennessee artist for your home or office. More than 200 exhibitors participate in this juried premier event held on the lawn at Centennial Park in Nashville. View works by the Tennessee Craft member artists who create fine furniture, sculpture, paintings, textiles, and glass works.

Tennessee Craft is a champion of regional fine art. They bring a rich tradition traced to the formal Arts and Crafts Movement to contrast with mass-produced clutter. The organization’s history offers this perspective: “This philosophy sought to relate the moral and social health of a nation to the qualities of its architecture and design and believed that a healthy society depended on skilled and creative workers. Arts and Crafts artists tended to prefer craft production, in which the whole item was made and assembled by an individual or small group; artists became concerned about the decrease of rural handicrafts.”

Copper sculpture by Tenn Craft artists Robert and Delores WellPictured: Painting by Tennessee Craft artist Lorri Kelly of Chattanooga.
Copper metal sculpure created by Tennessee Craft artist Robert and Delores Wells.

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