Artists featured: L to R: Row 1: Cindy Procious, Angela Cunningham; Row 2: Carrie Pendergrass, Candace McManus, Stan Townsend; Row 3: Lin Parker, Natasha Nashadka, Janis Wilkey; Row 4: Maggie Vandewalle, Robin Wellner, Ann Currey

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original, small, & affordable artwork

Saturday, December 3
during MainX24

9 am – 7 pm  | Exhibit 

6-7 pm  | A Circle of Words
featuring poet Erika Roberts-Blackmon

150 small-scale works by 60 Tennessee artists

Open to the public
Free admission

Townsend Atelier, Chattanooga 
The Arts Building, 301 East 11th Street

Chattanooga. Townsend Atelier in Chattanooga notes the circle is a precise symbol of their work developing a community of regional artists. The CIRCLE art opening is coordinated with one of Chattanooga’s most dynamic winter events, Mainx24, on Saturday, Dec. 3. The exhibit continues through Dec. 30 and is free and open to the public.

“The cyclical tradition of artistic knowledge and skills being passed down from teacher to student through classes and mentorship is a time-honored tradition and one that we are proud to keep alive at our atelier. The strong circle of art community and friendships formed through our studio is so rewarding to be a part of.” —Peggy Wood Townsend 

CIRCLE will make more than 150 original small and affordable artworks available for sale. Eac work is created by one of the sixty Townsend Atelier students and instructors from Tennessee and beyond. Each work is a 4-inch round paper board circle ready for mounting, framing, or other display.

Beginning December 4, all works will be available for viewing and purchase on-line at  Shipping is available.

Oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, collages, drawings, sculptures and other mediums are included.  Prices range from $10 to $300.

The exhibit is on display through Dec. 30 at Townsend Atelier in The Arts Building, 301 East 11th St. in Chattanooga.

a-circle-of-wordsA Circle of Words features Chattanooga poet Erika Roberts-Blackmon, as “a poetic celebration of the completeness of circles. The unified boundaries of the circle. The circular breathing of poetic living.” The evening poetry hour begins at 6 p.m. and is also open to the public free of charge. Musician Demond Moultrie will accompany the poet. 


Townsend Atelier is located inside The Arts Building at 301 East 11th Street