Stansell Dye, area showroom manager for the Mid-South for Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery, says today’s bathroom design is all about making an oasis where homeowners can escape to after a day full of reality.

“Today’s master bathrooms have transformed into a getaway for busy homeowners, a visit to the spa within the confines of your own home,” Dye says. “Like a piece of art, a freestanding tub can be a beautiful focal point of the bathroom.”

So how do you choose the right one? First, Dye says, clawfoot tubs and tubs with pedestal bases are out. “Today’s freestanding tubs have clean lines and sleek geometric shapes. They take center stage as the focal point of any spa sanctuary,” he says.

Dye guides us through the process to choose the right one for your space.

What is the first step?
Don’t buy online. Many consumers think they can purchase a product online to save money, and this may be a good option for small items or to replace a similar item. However, when purchasing large items online, such as a skirted toilet or new bathtub, many consumers don’t purchase all of the parts needed to complete the installation. And they may not know what they’re missing until it’s too late! In the end, they may spend more money and time correcting problems.

What style is right for me?
To take the guesswork out of the process, we encourage consumers to bring elements that represent their style to the showroom before they make product selections. Things such as color swatches, paint chips and rug patterns can be paired with product samples in the showroom to help the homeowner gain a better understanding of how all the elements will come together in their bath remodel.

Do they come in different colors?
Freestanding tubs are available in a variety of colors. Beyond white, two trending colors we’ve seen are matte black and copper.

Are there materials that keep the water hotter for longer?
Tubs from Victoria+Albert feature a unique casting that is rich in volcanic limestone for enhanced comfort and warmth.

Do you have to have a large bathroom?
Not always. Solving for space is a key concern in secondary bathrooms and powder rooms, so homeowners can select products that couple compact design with high-powered performance. Thankfully, manufacturers offer a wide variety of products that offer luxurious functionality in a fraction of the space.

Do freestanding tubs work with all flooring?
There are many unknowns with each project — such as plumbing and installation behind the wall — so it’s important to work with a great contractor or licensed professional to help set expectations and guide you through the process. Also, many times the warranty of a product is extended when the installation is completed by a licensed professional.

Do you have to have a large space?
There are many different sizes for freestanding tubs available, down to 60-inch by 32-inch.

Do they come in different colors?
In the Nashville area, copper tubs are not that popular. White is still the prevailing color and options are available in a gloss or matte white.

Essential Extras
*Make a bold and thoughtfully coordinated statement with the selection of an equally exceptional tub filler, a faucet attached to the wall.

*Hydrotherapy is available in many experiences. From freestanding soaking bathtubs to air and whirlpool jetted baths, the option is there to choose both comfort and style.

*Add decorative lighting for a beautiful finish. When using LED, a 2700K-3000K bulb will deliver a warm color with a yellow tint, similar to incandescent lighting, while a 4000K+ color temperature is a bluish, bright white, similar to natural daylight.

*Additional extras include chronotherapy, audio therapy (the incorporation of sound and speakers) and thermal therapy (radiant surface heat technology is used to warm the interior surface of the tub).

All photos courtesy Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery