By Allie Myszka

Photography by Reed Brown

Mark Botsko

For Mark Botsko, owner of Hendersonville-based Botsko Builders, construction has always been a way of life. Botsko’s father sold and installed Andersen windows all throughout his childhood, and although he doesn’t have any formal education in design or construction, Botsko learned everything he needed to be successful—and more—from being around his father’s business.

“I worked for my dad for several years in high school and college. I always liked being around construction and building things. I thought I was going to go to medical school after college, but when that didn’t work out, construction became a part of my life again,” Botsko shares. He started Botsko Builders in 1993 and has since built the company into one of Middle Tennessee’s most-loved builders for high-end, custom homes.

“Truthfully, I think the word ‘custom’ is used loosely in the home building industry,” says Shane Holt, Botsko Builders’ Director of Sales and Marketing. “You can ‘customize’ a premade floor plan with different features and finishes, and many would consider that to be a ‘custom’ build. But at Botsko, we have quite literally never built the same house twice.” Botsko adds that every single residential project is designed from scratch only after considering the specific, unique features of the home site, like view or topography.

Botsko Builders’ team is made up of industry veterans, all of whom have decades of experience under their belts. The company is committed to building homes that are built to look beautiful—and stand strong—today, tomorrow, and in ten, twenty, or fifty years. “We rely heavily on our talented subcontractors who are highly specialized in what they do, and we’re committed to using top-quality materials in our homes, down to the last detail. We’re not about to put builder-grade windows or fixtures into a million-dollar custom home—to us, that would be like buying a Porsche without a windshield.”

When Botsko Builders plans a home, the team looks carefully at every square inch and how it will function. “Mark is excellent when working with space and scale. The intangible things like creating the proper distance for turning into a garage, or making outdoor columns look perfectly proportionate, or being mindful of the space that remains around a dining room—he’s always on top of that,” Holt shares.

Shane Holt

The experience of working with Botsko goes far beyond approving plans and choosing stylistic finishes. In fact, Botsko and Holt work to ensure that clients are well-cared-for every step of the way. In addition to overseeing sales and marketing, Shane Holt works alongside Botsko’s wife, Jennifer, as a real estate broker for Botsko Properties. The duo helps clients to sell their current properties as they walk through the process of building their dream custom home.

No matter what size project they’re working on, transparency is at the center of everything Botsko and his team do. That top-notch, authentic mindset that permeates each day is what truly sets Botsko Builders apart. Holt says, “Building a home is one of the largest investments you can make. When you do that, we want it to be a client partnership, and we make it our biggest goal to do what we say we’ll do. At the end of the day, we want all involved to be proud of what we accomplish.”