By Hollie Deese

Photo by Shawn Cordon

Chattanooga native Shaun Dougherty, Shaun D. of SDI, used to run off the school bus and head straight to the living room to rearrange furniture every day, some not-so-subtle foreshadowing of what her design-minded future would be.

“My room changed every month,” she says.

These days her personal style is more comfortable and contemporary, with oversized, clean pieces and luxurious touches that feel expensive and polished. It’s an aesthetic that has been honed over her years of experience, first at Nashville’s Renaissance Tile and Bath, then Kenny & Co.

But it was her time working at Marc-Michaels Interior Design in Orlando, an internationally acclaimed high-end luxury interior design firm where she learned what luxe finishes could do to elevate a space.

“I just fine-tuned what high-end design is all about,” she says.

That’s what makes her role as lead designer at Revery Point a position custom-made for her. She gets to build on her experience, working with buyers on luxury finishes for their new penthouses.

“I understand what the client wants,” she says. “They have high-end standards. What is really challenging and fun about this project is selecting finishes that could cover all personality types. Then seeing their reactions to all of the finishes that we have to offer is wonderful.”

It’s hard not to get excited when offerings include quartz and Sub-Zero appliances.

“They get so excited about the products that we have, and it’s so easy to do the selections with them,” she says. “That just makes things so easy for the design process, and it’s so nice to hear them say it’s exactly what they wanted — because that means I’m doing my job well.”