3 Sneaky Shortcuts that Bad Installers Take
There are a lot of corners that can be cut in installation and you want to make sure that your installer hasn’t arrived at his low price because he’s planning on taking the shortcuts.


1. Cheap Thinset
Thinset is what adheres your tile to the subsurface. If your installer buys cheap thinset, or uses less thinset, he can lower his bid but you compromise your floor.

2. Cement Boards
If cement boards need to be installed under the tile, an installer can save money by not using thinset to apply the boards and not taking the time to tape the seams. It’s wrong, but you’ll never see this cut corner.

3. Cheap Grout
Polymer is a key component to good grout. Cheap ones like the ones in large hardware stores have about 1 tbsp of polymerin a bag of grout. The good ones have about 2 cups.