Choosing the right tile is easy when you consider these 5 points.

1. Desired area of application
Not all tile is suitable for exterior installations due to climate and slip resistance. Through-body porcelains are recommended for exterior use with a coefficient rating of 0.5 or above.

2. What’s the application surface?
Shower, floors or walls? Tiles are also rated for floor and/or wall application. When considering tile for walls and showers, bullnose or trim pieces may be necessary to finish raw edges. Smaller mesh mounted tiles are recommended for shower floors due to sloping of the shower pan. Most manufactured tiles offer coordinating tiles for these purposes.

3. Decor & Design
The tile you choose should work with your decor, such as traditional, rustic or contemporary, and it should be able to work in the pattern that you desire.

4. Purpose
Is it an entry, foyer, bath, kitchen or another high traffic area? Ceramic and porcelain offer little to no maintenance in terms of sealing and porosity. Natural stone should be sealed to enjoy a lasting beauty like no other.

5) Installation / Installers
Tile is an investment that ads value to your home. Knowledge and expertise along with warranted and certified installation should be offered by your retailer.