If you’ve ever seen a piece of tile at a certain price and a very similar one for a lot more, you may think that they were mis-priced. Maybe not. 

You Pay a Premium for New Styles

“When you buy a new tile color or style from a company, you’re going to pay more for that choice than if you bought a style that has been out for a little while,” begins Mark. Companies invest in research and development and their first runs of a new product are shorter – so more costly per piece. Once that tile has been established as a good seller, manufacturing runs get longer and all the costs go down.


The Size that Offers the Best Value

“Generally, tile that is either 12”x12” or 16”x16” is going to be your best value. The manufacturer can get enough into the kiln at one time to keep costs down and they don’t require as many boxes as smaller tiles,” offers Mark. Not to mention the labor cost is less since installation is faster.