If you want a rug that will last forever – both in terms of quality and style, you need to know a little before putting your money down. 

1. Always Choose Vegetable Dye
Rugs that are dyed with vegetable die are more beautiful durable and valuable than ones died with chemical dyes. They are easier to clean, the colors never bleed and your rug lasts longer.

2. Understand Knots Per Inch
When choosing a silk rug, the number of knots per inch is key to establishing a value, but for wool rugs, it doesn’t make any real difference. With wool rugs, the quality of the wool is what is most important and thicker yarns are often used.

3. Know the Origin of the Rug
Look for rugs that were worked in the area where the pattern originated.

4. Check the Condition
For antique rugs, slight wear or discoloration is ok, but make sure that there aren’t any holes. Holes can be rewoven, but you want to avoid rugs that have been patched.

5. Look for Something Unique
The more rare the design, the more valuable it will be now and in the future. Remember, rugs are like pieces of art – get something that you love, but if you want to find something of real value, avoid the more common designs.

6. Know the Age of the Rug
True antiques are over 80 years old. A rug that is between 50 and 70 years old is a semi-antique. These rugs can be good buys since they will be antiques soon.